About Us


The Denver chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America officially formed shortly after the 2016 Election after branching out from the Boulder chapter.

As democratic socialists, we are working toward a humane society based on gender and racial justice, democratic control of resources, production, and distribution, and non-oppressive relationships. Furthermore, we are fighting against the white supremacist, patriarchal, for-profit Capitalist system by building coalitions with organizations within our communities.

We believe that fundamental change only comes when the people rise up together to demand it. We know that by working together, another world is possible. As of December 2018, we are 400 members strong and growing! Join Denver DSA in making your community stronger, kinder, and more equitable for today and tomorrow. We cannot do it without your help.

80s DSA protest

What’s up with the hamster in your logo?


The pika (Ochotona princeps) belongs to the order Lagomorpha, which includes rabbits and hares. Pikas are small, furry mammals with roundish bodies, short legs, short round ears, and no visible tail. Each foot has five digits and hairy soles that are good for gripping sheer rock. 

More often heard than seen, these tiny creatures emit a loud, sharp squeak that can be hard to locate, much like when a ventriloquist ‘throws’ their voice. When danger is near, a pika will whistle to other pika in the colony, then disappear to the safety of nearby rocks.

Pika live in the Rocky Mountains, at or above timberline, where there is lots of talus, or areas of loose rock. According to wildlife conservationists, the vast majority of the available habitat for pika in Colorado is on public land that is not heavily impacted by roads, grazing and other human activity, which helps their population thrive.