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We sell merch to show our love for our chapter and to also raise money to support our work. No one should be left out due to financial difficulties! Comrades with the means to spare can purchase merch for another by donating below. Comrades facing financial difficulties can request merch by emailing

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Made in the USA natural-tan tote bag with Denver DSA Pika logo that says ‘Another world is possible lets fight like hell for it’
DDSA Tote $35
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Made in the USA ash gray colored tank-top with colored graphic that says ‘Seize the Means Denver DSA est 2017’
Seize Tank $30
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Union made white short sleeve t-shirt with a rich man on a fishing hook that says ‘Before we eat the rich we have to catch them Join us’
Hook Short Sleeve $35
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Union made long sleeve t-shirt that says 'Empathy Is The Heart of Socialism'
Empathy Long Sleeve $38
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Union made t-shirt that says 'Denver Democratic Socialists of America'
DDSA Red Shirt $25
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Pika wearing pixelated sunglasses
Fund merch for a comrade $Various
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